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Neueste Version des PluginPack - Druckversion

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Re: Neueste Version des PluginPack - Dirtsa - 08.12.2009

Version 2.6.1: 12/07/09
* Add support for limiting the number of bytes of history displayed by
  the Enhanced History plugin.
* Add a preference to the Google plugin to allow users to specify a
  Google domain to use.  For example, or
* Fix the "Set User Modes On Connect" and "Unset User Modes On Connect"
  settings provided by irc-more on IRC accounts.
* Fix Message Splitter so that it builds on Windows.
* Fix Group Message so that its request dialog doesn't get too long.
* Make IRC Helper suppress an additional message related to hostmasks.
  (John Dennis)
* Fix the Colorize plugin to be UTF-8 compliant.

RE: Neueste Version des PluginPack - Dirtsa - 02.01.2010

Version 2.6.2: 01/01/10
* Fix IRC More plugin not properly rejoining channels.
* IRC More no longer has a preference for auto rejoin delay--default to
100 milliseconds.
* Splitter plugin now connects to signals with
PURPLE_SIGNAL_PRIORITY_HIGHEST, which makes it process messages last.
* Splitter will not touch any messages generated by the OTR plugin,
resolving compatibility issues.
* Splitter now resubmits split messages through the normal message
handling mechanisms in libpurple and tracks those resubmissions, meaning
splitting of messages will no longer bypass any other plugins
intercepting outgoing messages.
* /exec's author list no longer makes the Pidgin plugins dialog wider.
* Talkfilters is no longer a dependency of itself, allowing the plugin to
build. (pva)

RE: Neueste Version des PluginPack - Dirtsa - 17.04.2010

Version 2.6.3: 03/28/10

* Add support for Spidernet to IRC Helper plugin.
* IRC Helper now supports suppressing messages from the Freenode bot frigg.
* IRC-More now builds when you pass --with-plugins=irc-more to configure.
(Ivan Ponomarev)
* IRC-More no longer tries to set umodes on connect if none are specified.
* IRC-More now provides a channel autojoin list. Autojoins happen with a
6-second delay to allow IRC Helper to do its job first.